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Find Out How Your Upholstery Can
Look As Good As New

Upholstery can take a beating, usually not intentionally, but when you consider the normal wear and tear that they have to sustain, it is no wonder they can start looking a little used, dirty or faded. Let Pro Clean give new life to your furniture.

Powerful But Gentle Cleaning

The combination of the right cleaning solution with our powerful cleaning system will gently restore your furniture to a beautiful look and feel you may not have thought possible. Pro Clean’s upholstery cleaning services will keep your furniture looking its best, whether you're caring for an old family heirloom, your newest furniture purchase, or something that has been around a while. You can trust Pro Clean to clean, re-fresh and revive each piece.

Our Pro Clean services and skilled specialists have made us the top upholstery cleaning experts in Columbus - this is because we go out of our way to provide a great customer experience.

Wet VS Dry: Which Cleaning Category does it best?

There are two ways to cleaning your home or office upholstery. The twist here is, you don’t get to choose which type to use; only your upholstery’s fabric material can decide what method is best to use.

Choosing the Right Cleaning Method for You

Unlike other industries where one method may be the best for getting the job done; in upholstery cleaning, there is no one-upmanship. Rather, it’s about choosing the right one. It all boils down to the type of fabric material your upholstery is made from. We can never stress enough that the wrong method may only damage your upholstery. But don’t worry; that’s what our upholstery experts are her for – to select the best cleaning method for your unique furniture.

In choosing the right service provider, it’s always important for you to consider commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Pro Clean ensures that its customers are given value for their money and this is backed up by the many positive testimonials and referrals we receive.

Our Pro Clean services and skilled specialists have made us the top upholstery cleaning experts in Columbus.

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